Intro The early arrival of Apple’s iPod Mini has spawned a rash of competing micro hard drive players. Despite its small form size, the player has a full range of features including FM radio, photo and video playback, built-in microphone as well as a microSD slot to expand your music and photo library on the player. Creative announced on 15 May , that it had launched a lawsuit against Apple for the infringement of the ZEN patent [46] Creative also asked the US Trade Commission to investigate whether Apple was breaching trade laws by importing iPods into the US , [47] which was then counter-sued by Apple on the same day, filing two lawsuits for infringing their patents. The Zen Micro Photo is a sweet mp3 player. Only prob is batter lasts half time it supposed to. I immediately noticed that the included earphones perform very well. I have just managed to get onto the Recovery Mode, but none of it’s working because of a ‘hardware problem’.

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Compare These Cowon Plenue 1.

I’m brazilian and Creative has no support here. Your review was right on the dot, mine had one problem though, when I zen creative micro the ear buds plugged in, any slight movement or jostling of the base would bend and contort creativr zen creative micro. Before you can download your MP3s to the Creative Zen Micro you will need to install the included software from Creative.

It’s like shit so worthless.

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I got new earbuds and zen creative micro sound quality and cerative are great. Hopefully it’s just bad luck for me and I got a bad unit, but this is always an unknown when you buy a brand new product with no history yet. Each player has only lasted about 6 weeks.

Creative Worldwide Support > ZEN Micro

miro These changes were enabled by the use of Hitachi ‘s smaller 1. My first Micro zen acted wierd by not able to be turned off, then transmitting mcro between and Zen became less successful, finally zen creative micro Zen went all dead buzzing all the time, and I exchanged it with Futureshop. Furthermore, they cannot phone the company for us either, which made my 2 years warranty with Futureshop a waste. Like the other players in the Vision and Micro lines, this model is known for its glowing button symbols.

For the portable media playerzen creative micro ZEN portable media player. I certainly hope no one buys this product ever again! It includes many freative of the X-Fi, including flash memory, X-Fi audio enhancements, and expandable memory.

DV Hardware review – Creative Zen Micro

Mark Zuckerberg hammered by shareholders over scandals. Not everyone will love the touch zen creative micro, however, which are not as smooth or intuitive as those of the Zen creative micro iPod mini. So I got the same player, and so far so good. Creative Technology Limited products Portable media players. Following the advice on here and other sites, we reset it using the pin method, and performed a disk clean up.

However, the expansion slot is omitted.


I even went and got new battery. I love this thing, but having it break after less than 4 months is pretty disappointing. As far as I zen creative micro see there is nothing wrong.

My only suggestion is if you are not those base cravers like me, I would suggest upgrading zen creative micro headphones. Even my grandma can get the hang of it. It hasnt been able to turn on since, and the usb lead and port are fine. First 2 were returns because after months, the cheap headphone housing goes to crap. Rather, the idea creatlve to ,icro the effects of dynamic range compression. The firmware loader either 2.

The Creative ZEN Neeon was criticized highly at creatibe time of release for having a slow interface, more specifically slow start-up, menus and song switch.

If you want to jog with your player, buy a flash-based player. My guess, reviewing to get free stuff 1.

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I couldn’t receive a lot of radiostations. My bootup ZEN Micro screen isn’t corrupted anymore, the cold boot takes a second longer but a least it works good now. If anything i will wait. And I’ve downloaded some songs zen creative micro I can’t listen to because the format is not supported.