My previous driver was the R5 dual 10,5 with a flex shaft and I was htting that about to yards. But the plain fact is The open face of the Burner TP was not an issue for me and I can go straight with the driver. Over the weekend I was hitting the Burner superfast and the R9 supertri side by side. I dont see what all the fuss is with the longer shafts.

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Five fairway drives straight down the middle and about 15 yards more distance that the same club gave him before. The Taylormade r9 burner TP has the pocket cavity in the 7 iron taylormave was much more forgiving on miss hits.

Quite simply, a lighter club leads to greater clubhead speed through the hitting zone, taylormade r9 burner can generate higher ball speeds and longer distances off the tee.

The craze for distance needs to be tempered by a search for more second shots from the short stuff. I tried the R9 driver too. Golfers can quickly taylormade r9 burner the position of the weights to promote draws, fades or straight shots. The Burner SuperFast also makes use of the Dual-Crown technology, which has been tayormade major component of the Burner drivers for a couple of years now.

It was actually brought to me at the turn during a round at my local club. The taylormade r9 burner weight is D8 so I had no trouble feeling where the head was through out the entire swing.


Burner compare comparison forged golf Japan japanese r9 taylormade. They taylormade r9 burner saying that the new heads on the drivers are higher launch and higher spin.

The r7 line was one of the most successful in history. I am looking for more forgiving irons.

TaylorMade R9 SuperTri and Burner SuperFast Drivers and Fairways

If you are looking for a driver Taylormade r9 burner email address will not be published. At initial glance, both g9 look very close in physical size.

Can you convert a 9. These clubs are worth keeping and worth every penny. Did you ever get a reply regarding the weights?

New Mizuno MX range Cobra: Continuing with the concept of faster swing speed through the overall reduction of weight, the new Winn Lite grip tops off the Taylormade r9 burner SuperFast.

I taylormade r9 burner bought an R9 Taylormade r9 burner 9. Everything stayed in play and even the bad ones ended up very playable. The Super Tri sometimes feels like I nailed it but no roll. The shaft was NU and the heavy weight was in the back so the club was setup in a neutral position. The R9 driver will be offered in 8. Anyone have thoughts on the 8. From the face profile view R9 Forged on the top and Burner Forged on the bottom you can also see the slightly boxier toe and straighter top line of the R9 Forged compared to the Burner Forged but again the differences in shape are very subtle.


Bought the Taylor Burner Superfast 6 weeks ago.

Taylormade R9 Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

The R9 also introduces Movable Weight Technology and the clubhead features three weight ports which can accommodate the 16 gram weight and two one gram weights that come with every driver. The Burner irons come available in full sets that include 4-iron through attack wedge.

Taylormade r9 burner was more consistent and felt much better than the others I tried. Look at the words above from the article… so taylormade r9 burner.

So far I have had no issue in getting replacements, but this design flaw if very disconcerting…considering the money spent on these clubs.

They are very good clubs for a couple of reasons. I own the taylormade r9 burner and my distance increased up from to around or