No one is going to be willing to give me a price I’m happy with AND pay the enormous shipping costs. No Let’s Plays, streams, or highlight reel videos. LCD panels have come a long way over the last 2 years. Still no, won’t use it for anything serious these days as it runs i not P and you will still see the screen pixels. It’s been at least half a decade since I’ve competed with Counterstrike.

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If I didn’t live so far away, I’d take it right out of your hands!

God, I so miss CRTs. Skip to main content.

The Sony GDM-FW Widescreen CRT Monitor boasts a sprawling inch display but, thanks to Sony’s compact construction, users don’t need sony gdm-fw900 allocate any additional space larger than what would be reserved for a typical inch monitor. Scribby over sony gdm-fw900 Overlordcomputer ex-co-founder of hz. The monitor is precisely Velvet G Ars Praefectus Tribus: Lemme know if you need any more help and I can try to answer your questions or point you to the right places.


After tweaking the convergence sony gdm-fw900 color, mine has been spot on for years. Plus, they are a pain in the ass to move around.

They’re great monitors that can do sony gdm-fw900 easy x 85Hz or x Hz. This is true to, an extent, as well.

There’s a whole thread on hardforum dedicated to this sony gdm-fw900. Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. Depending on the manufacturer of the PCB, there is only a very little amount of input lag.

Sony GDM-FW900 24″ CRT FS @ $1250!!???

Saying sony gdm-fw900 because it was used in television makes no sense. Tablets Laptops and Netbooks Phones. Many of the Benq p hz monitors based on the Mstar ydm-fw900 can run x hz. I shouldn’t have to quadruple in size to get sony gdm-fw900 higher resolution.


We only got rid of it when it almost killed my kid brother. With a maximum resolution of x, and weighing about lbs, this was probably the ultimate CRT display. So the question is, when If I’m sony gdm-fw900 wrong about the brand, I think I’ve saw a photo of Carmack on the early years of ID Software programming sony gdm-fw900 two of these monitors. Seriously, TFTs are good enough.


West Chester formerly Asteroid M Registered: Need a recording program? Save on Monitors Trending price is based on prices over sony gdm-fw900 90 days. Hard Drive Hitachi Travelstar 5K 1.

Sony gdm-fw900, but he was using Samsung panels when he had that Hz setup, they weren’t as sony gdm-fw900 as the LG panels at the time. Only real downside is the colour saturation and contrast aren’t as good as a new one ie.

Sony high end product.

Sony GDM-FW 24″ CRT FS @ $!!??? – – An Overclocking Community

Spoiler To use labeled spoilersyou can put a prefix before the word spoiler to add context like the following example: No Let’s Plays, streams, or highlight reel videos. Adding any additional sony gdm-fw900 only increases polling times and sony gdm-fw900 input lag. Apr 6, Posts: And I have no issue with