Sabertooth Dual 32A Motor Driver. Also, Dimension Engineering seems to be a great company. Motor Controllers Motor Controllers take signals from a microprocessor or radio control receiver and convert it into a high current varying voltage. Micro Metal Gear Motors. Overcurrent and thermal protection means you’ll never have to worry about killing the driver with accidental stalls or by hooking up too big a motor.

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Here is a motor controller that only needs 2 lines for control, it communicates serially via or Baud TTL signals.

Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2X25 :: Solarbotics

Subscribe Please enter a valid email address. I intend to buy this again, and will put up a review detailing performance and usage then.

We provide a diverse product selection, educational and quantity discounts, useful resources and specialized support. Sabertooth 2×25 dual motor and Shafts Wheel sabertooth 2×25 dual motor Shaft Sets. Daul Wednesday and they said it would ship on Thursday.

Powerful, relaible and easy to configure Review by Ron. Sabertooth features screw terminal connectors – making it possible for you to build a robot without even soldering. Out of the box, the Sabertooth can supply two DC brushed motors with up to 25A each.

The regenerative topology means that your batteries get recharged whenever you command your robot to slow down or reverse. Estimate Shipping and Tax. Received it in a clear plasic box with instructions but still downloaded the manual.


Putting robotics at your service is a trademark of RobotShop inc. Close Recently added item s You have no items in your shopping cart. You can build many different robots of increasing complexity for years to come sabertooth 2×25 dual motor a Sabertooth. Out of the sabertoth, the SyRen motor driver can supply a single DC brushed motor with up to 10A continuously. Sabertooth Dual 25A Motor Driver The Sabertooth 2X25 is one of the most versatile, efficient and easy to use dual motor drivers on the market.

This is the best controller for the money. I will buy more in the future. By the way we was experiencing troubles with the communication our fault and the support from robotshop sabertooth 2×25 dual motor pretty fast. Basic DC Geared Motor. Said dula would sent me another unit and would sabertooth 2×25 dual motor it out on Monday. The Sabertooth 2X12 is one of the most versatile, efficient and easy to use sahertooth motor drivers on the market.

Don’t Have an Account? It’s capable of sudden sabertooth 2×25 dual motor in rotation without blinking. An ecepcional choice In my opinion this is one of the best speed controls to featherweight and lightweight 2d25. The driver is designed to supply power for two independent motors. And as for the connections, its superb even a first grader can hook it up easily.


Headers, Connectors, and Jumper Wire. It is silent, supports alot of interfaces, and has protecion features.

Motor Controllers

The lead-time, to make-ready the product and ship the same to you, is mentioned below in the description. This is a well designed product and works as advertised. This product is not in-stock at our warehouse, but it will sabertooth 2×25 dual motor specially made once you place an order.

Routers, Bridges, and Sabertooth 2×25 dual motor. It talks in 4 methods, so you’re sure to be able to use it for your project. Excellent high current controller; doesn’t work well with all radios This is a superb high current controller with many interfaces.

For your larger projects Review by JoeM.