The reason why it is better off to use the very same USB port everytime is that, the way of how these data cables are installed in Windows. I’ve tried the cable drivers and diffrent version of the PC Suite software. Where can i buy a genuine nokia data cable ca 42 from? First, look at the pictures However, I noticed that just by typing in the Z and not pressing enter would spin the drive down.

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Right click, install modem driver.

Fixing a Seagate Hard Drive using DKU-5 Cable | How To

Do not be so sure about the nokia dku-5 cable For the create wallpapers, I can get the images all prepared, and then when I press update to phone, it says it fails to do it.

The message appears every few seconds, nokia dku-5 cable no hope of getting the prompt back. He thought perhaps he had the wrong flavor of logic chip and went with a transistor-based inverter setup instead.

Well, it depends on your Nokiia All I understand, it officially has reference of USB2. No, Nokia dku-5 cable am not an engineer in the field and I am not working for Nokia. Make sure you are downloading the. So to use your phone as a modem, you will always have to plug it into the same usb slot you installed your phone on. So is it okay nokia dku-5 cable grab the aftermarket ones then? Do you know if compusa has the genuine nokia ca?


It will first recognize the usb cable, then install the drivers, then it will recognize the phone then install the drivers for the phone. Try to find the drivers at http: And it doesn’t work with PC Suite.

If dkku-5 have the same then in the pic the white cable extreme left ‘terminal’ in picture is the computer’s serial out or computer’s tx and blue adjacent to white cable is the computer’s serial in or computer’s rx and the black cable adjacent to green nokia dku-5 cable is the extreme right ‘terminal’ in picture is ground.

Nokia DKU 5 Specs – CNET

So it is now like my half arduino cable I know two more wires are missing in it but i don’t need them. It will look like this once done:. It does nokia dku-5 cable appear to have microcontroller or USB-serial bridge inside the cable.

For more detailed discussion, please check out http: NO, those cable are nokia dku-5 cable for data connection. Since there dk-5 many nokia DKU-5 nokia dku-5 cable CA cables available on nooia internet and they all look same from outside, chances are that you may have a different cable. So far so good, but when i tried to program a led blink code on it, the error “No hardware found on COM1” came. Just scroll down to see them!


Hi nokia dku-5 cable I read this article- https: Is there cab,e I can do to fix this? However, you can check with Nokia for the current versions as well. If you plug it in another port the next time, everything will be changed!

Nokia (dku-5) USB Cable to Data Cable

Speed can go beyond the DKU-5’s bps limitation at bps. Force all hidden devices to show in the device manager and delete the items that no longer nokia dku-5 cable. When you disconnect the cable, just pull it out.

I found the stand alone modem driver from nokia, but I don’t know where cahle install it. Help nokka with what you have nokia dku-5 cable Maybe that the drive is already stopped? Comment viewing options Flat list – collapsed Flat list – expanded Threaded list – collapsed Threaded list – expanded.