Unfortunatelly I do not have the details for the PSU. She then inserted the installation disc for the GeCube. It’s 12V amps that you need, who cares about watts, that’s a bogus figure. I think one should have an open mind. The system crached when trying to install the driver for the grafic board, HDPro! If you had an open mind, if you would like to try to help, I am a member on another site and I am supporting others when they have problems.

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We then made a clean installation of Vista Ultimate on my system, with her GeCube installed.

K9AGM3-F (MS), ATI HD and Vista problem

Comparing systems is not a good thing – too many things are different. We suggest a PSU up to about Bas’ specs below. A new rebbot and Vista started. Unfortunatelly the second XPro also got defective after 1,5 month.

I hope I can still sleep Please have a look at these test sites: The ATI window splashed up, red and nice and stayed in that position for about one hour before she rebooted k9ag,3 PC again. Vista found Wound and requested to be rebooted.

Because you problem is intermittant it almost needs a real failure to know exactly what it is, but. Here is a list for the Silverstone W: My girlfriend has now sent me the suond of the PSU. No reply since 1st February Please look in this topic and you will find the configuration of my system.


But chances are big that it will solve the problem. Hi, you are my last chance guys! And that’s the last I’m going to type about your problem. Typical during the summer those el-cheapo PSU’s start giving problems. If you do not agree, explaine to me how a driver can cause PSU problems. I had the exact same problem 3 months ago, where i fixed it or i thought so by updating the BIOS Before updating BIOS i tried a pci-e vga cause the monitor was attached to the onboard vga.

I agree with Bas: Now the problems begun! If the CPU was able to start but the memory is bad, it will give a series of beeps sounding like memory-error Take the board out of the case and check the standoffs, if there is one to many it can shorten things from time to time.

Intermittant is tough to figure out. Does anyone have any sollution on how to get around the problem, except for buying a new grafic board or a new motherboard? Is it fixed or is there still problem? It will run, but you may find yourself in spund within a few months.


MSI K9AGM3-F – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – AMD 690V

No beep means the CPU doesn’t start for some reason. Unfortunatelly all grafic functions does not work, like Vista Aero. Yes Bas, you obviously know crap about amps, volts and watts This is my last posting on this site. The PC booted twice and the she booted up in Fail safe. In the Hardware manager the grafic board was found to be a standard VGA board.

As I have written earlier, the XP driver works fine but does not support Aero.

Home Help Search Login Register. If you had an open mind, if you would like to try to help, I am a member on another site and I am supporting others when they have problems.