Click here to download the sharedrv. In the latter state, all motors are off and the scope will not respond to commands from the handbox or the serial line. Higher guide speeds can help to clear backlash more quickly and may help to overcome stiction problems. Plus the power drawn directly by the H-bridge LD chip to feed the focus motor my little motor as 41ma start and 33ma running full speed. In some cases, you may be using a small threaded focal reducer on the guide camera, so that must also be taken into account. There are two mandatory settings:.

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This driver has special features that allow it to initialize a parked LXGPS from a cold-start park, power-cycle, connect or a warm-restart park and reconnect without power-down. When you upgrade from firmware 3.

Reference in the Hi-Tech C Forums: The only way to recover from this is to power off the telescope, then switch it back on and re-do the alignment procedure. Provides position readout, slews, side of pier where appropriateand pulse guiding among its basic capabilities. Like the pixel-size entry, the focal length doesn’t demand a great deal of precision, but you should get as close as you can. Click here kit version not currently in auction, link is old auction.

When this file is unzipped you’ll have two files – “nexstar.

Meade clone: assembled and kit version, full specs, schematic, source

Low torque full steps forward:. An alternate design for the power would be as above, do full PWM or play with the adjust voltage on an lmT by imposing a second resistor between adjust autostr PIC pin RA6 and switching the resistor to ground or letting it float thereby providing two different voltages.


To drive a unipolar stepper in ‘x’ of command:. Set the Skysensor’s date and time to the time read from the PC’s clock. Pin 4 does not have this capability so the 10k is added. Stepper is under full control of the keypad, acts just like the.

The 1st option is for purists who need the raw scope behavior. You can park asvom scope from the software or the Autostar II handbox.

You must use this driver; the standard Meade LX driver will not work correctly with the Skysensor The focuser driver conforms to the initial and only release at this time of the ASCOM focuser specification.

Internal view of assembled functional guider only assembly cord will be black in units supplied.

For the 16F, force LVP off in the check boxes. If you suggest the user merely does a “garbage collect” all his problems should go away. As with all DSC drivers, the only capability offered by this driver is to display a cross-hair cursor on the star chart indicating the telescope’s current position.

When setting the telescope’s latitude and longitude to match those used by SkyMap Prothe latitude and longitude are now correctly rounded to the nearest minute of arc, rather than always being rounded downwards. This page devoted to providing DIY build info and tech details of the Meade functionality. Older versions of the NexStar 5 are prone to occasional “runaway slewing”.


Enhanced on the bench.

Once you have done the above, or any time you park the scope, you may power it down or leave it powered up with the “Scope parked Applies to ALL programmers actually. Re-sync the telescope autotsar the last slew target. Driver available here click me First release. If you ask me the focuser comms are a little hokey.

Controlling a Telescope from a PC over Bluetooth Using ASCOM

When you want to use the scope again, depending on whether you left it powered up or not, do one of the following:. It cuts through corrosion and protects the metal for long periods against further corrosion. Thus you can leave the scope powered up without wear on the motors or the risk of tracking into the pier, cord wrap, etc. The driver file is all that is required if you simply want to use the driver – the source code may be of interest to programmers.

This driver works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts.