Mount it as a read-only loop device could be nice but I will not be able to write files on the card. It will be buggy, but it will mainly work. Other OTG systems should work in similar ways, but the hardware level details could be very different. Do you think it’s possible? If using a backing storage ‘file’ you must create it beforehand with its desired size.

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Here is an old, but still actual reference about this.

NCM is an advanced protocol for Ethernet encapsulation, linux usb otg grouping of several ethernet frames into one USB transfer with various alignment possibilities. But still, that might also be the result of some other problem, and doesn’t necessarily indicate linux usb otg the port is in peripheral mode.

I finaly chose to try to configure the system as MTP device instead of presenting it linuz mass linux usb otg for those reasons: MX6 device, which has an OTG port. I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a Linux system ksb like an USB peripheral. That also conserves battery power, which is useful even for non-OTG configurations. From personal experience the modules are available when compiling the kernel IF the hardware supports it.

Sign up using Facebook. I tried dmesg grep -i otg and lsusb -v grep -i otg but nothing interesting turned linux usb otg. SRP support can be user-initiated just like remote wakeup, probably by pressing the same button. Sign up using Facebook. Yes, you can, but it is not easy. That’s just a whitelist, used to reject peripherals not supported with a given Linux OTG host.


Llnux for USB gadgets, there is support for peripherial devices and also for block devices. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Uwb a filesystem-level sharing, this may be interesting will work only with Android. Other may be useful answer. Do you mean you have Linux running linux usb otg the device or you have the device connected to a computer with Linux running through its OTG port?

There are several Linux gadget drivers in today’s linux kernel. Such drivers need at most minor changes, and most linux usb otg lnux calls added to support OTG can also benefit non-OTG linux usb otg.

For example, I have an embedded Linux on a card with usb connectors, when I plug a usb key to this card, the usb key is detected as a slave device and mounted on the file system. For example to create a 64MB backing store:.

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linux/OTG – Gateworks

No us configuration is necessary for this. The Mass Storage Gadget seems interesting but it need a separated file or partition when I need to access the root file system. Arkaik 1 Note that only one gadget driver device personality can be loaded at a time linux usb otg there are some ‘composite’ gadget drivers that behave linux usb otg ‘composite devices’ meaning they have multiple endpoints per USB device. Do you think it’s possible?


USB On-The-Go (OTG)

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When plugged into a host PC via micro-USB OTG, it will behave as a storage device MTPhowever if you want to have it behave as a serial linux usb otg device you have to go into the developer menu and select this option. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Post as a guest Name. A Host mode cable allows connecting to a USB device.

To do that, the system software relies linux usb otg small additions to those programming interfaces, and on a new internal component here called an “OTG Controller” affecting which driver stack connects to the OTG port. If using a backing storage ‘file’ you must create it beforehand with its desired size.