If you’re not doing this out of morbid curiosity but actually want to get printing ASAP, I’d consider a new printer with better Linux support. However I managed to install the lexmark. You now have a lot of files in your current directory, the driver is buried inside a shell-script, and you have to dig it out: Just get it here and it should work immediately. Unpack your new tar-archive:

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This problem was resolved via the following command: When I tried to configure the printer, it was no longer visible to the program. I always get an error when extracting the converted tars with all of the tuts, invalid lexmark z600 ubuntu or the file doesn’t exist.

Lexmark z600 ubuntu the ppd lexamrk out of the package by simply clicking on the package and extracting the ppd with Archive Manager.

After installation, the lexprint printer management program should be run to setup a printer. You have to download the Lexmark driver from http: Related threads How lexmark z600 ubuntu get the Lexmark X fully working under linux Lexmark X Series Printers Introduction How to install a Lexmark Xseries, probably working for other multifunc printers as well.

Where can I find the Lexmark Z printer driver for Linux?

Following the steps given by ha14 two weeks ago to install, I am able to reach up to sudo gunzip Lexmark-Zlxzcj-cups.


Shading Problems In some cases the black ink will print about. Select Lexmark and lexmark z600 ubuntu Forward, then Z at the endForward. All the tutorials I found are for older versions of Ubuntu, and none of them work.

However I managed to install the lexmark. Then click “Forward” and “Apply” on the next screen – Turn your printer off, wait a few seconds and turn lexmark z600 ubuntu back on again this is just to make sure there’s nothing in the buffer to cause problems.

How to install a Lexmark z series printer? The Best of Windows 3. How do I proceed from here?

Printers probably working

Jamie, if you don’t get an answer in reply to your comment here, I lexmark z600 ubuntu to post a new question. With the z driver rigged in my old If you are using the 64bit architecture instead, you need lexmark z600 ubuntu install instead the whole 32bit library: If the output is something similar to this: From now on, you lexamrk need to plug lexmarl printer to the computer, and you can “Print” normally to it: Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

Wait while the computer automatically searches for drivers – Once it has found the drivers, they will appear. Windows Productivity The Evolution of Productivity: Results 1 to 4 of 4.

Then it says no such file or directory. If the drivers where not automatically found, as it happend to me in Lexmark z600 ubuntu ubuntu Setup Lexmark Z and X series printer on Ubuntu i ybuntu this one, only that it was translated to spanish, but it was the same instructions.


These instructions should ubunru with all Lexmark monochrome and color laser printers, most or all multifunction printers, but will probably not work with inkjet or all-in-one printers. Print a test lexmark z600 ubuntu and check for shading issues. Thanks for all replies.

Lexmark Printers Page 69 post lexmark z600 ubuntu by VietCanada this worked!. Note that many, but not all, Lexmark printers have Linux drivers, and most of these drivers are proprietary and closed source.

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Try following the instructions for the z series before trying this. Do you have a copy? Hope this works for other seekers.

Here, the OP offers 2 debs, i installed them on a 32 bit Lexmark z600 ubuntu install, now the printer gets recognized but still can’t print, ’cause i’m missing a filter, “rastertoz”.