Information on proper disposal is provided in user manual. If, on the other hand, you need that extra graphics oomph, the ThinkStation S30 is an excellent choice. Intel Xeon E v2 — 4 cores, 3. The product packaging material is free from ozone depleting substances as specified in the Montreal Protocol. Intel Xeon E v2 — 8 cores, 3. S30 systems are complaint with the EuP Lot-6 standard for low power consumption. Pending ratification of the newest Energy Star spec, the Development team will assess which models will be able to be Energy Star compliant.

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Products do not contain more than; 0.

ThinkStation S30

lenovo thinkstation s30 The NVS GPU provides hardware acceleration for the computationally intensive parts of video processing, as well as lenovo thinkstation s30 improved video playback speeds via faster decode and transcode. These numbers could be improved by swapping out the Quadro for a dedicated gaming card, but at the business tasks for which S30 was intended the original card is definitely the preferable way to go.

But because those are specialized needs that won’t apply to everyone, we’re sticking with the Dell Precision T as our Editors’ Choice: Click here to access the ThinkStation Power Calculator. Packaging and packaging d30 do not contain more than 0. Data recovery is allowed. The S30 motherboard implements onboard gigabit Ethernet via one Intel Lewisville — lenovo thinkstation s30.


When ordering two processors, the second processor must be the same as the first. Intel Xeon E v2 — 12 cores, 2.

If you think your business will benefit from the balance thinkkstation provides, the ThinkStation may be worth its fairly steep price. Other batteries or lenovo thinkstation s30 do not contain more than 0. Parts with direct and prolonged skin contact do not release nickel in concentrations above 0. Products do not contain Ozone Depleting Substances: Products do not contain more than 0.

Display Output Maximum resolution over Lenovo thinkstation s30 Thinkstatin Type USB 2. Chassis intrusion detection protect. Operational No Data loss. PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Intel Xeon E v2 — 6 cores, 3.

Lenovo ThinkStation S30 Review & Rating |

Data Transfer rate of 1. The Lenovo ThinkStation S30 combines solid workstation processing and graphics performance, but is slightly too expensive for the speed you get.

The included watt power supply is more than sufficient for these components, and should give you a bit of freedom for later expansion. This product meets the following industry standard lenovo thinkstation s30 for manageability functionality: Get Our Best Stories!

Although we know that no one would ever deign to use a workstation as lenovo thinkstation s30 as the Lenovo thinkstation s30 for gaming, its upper-end video card gives it enough oomph to occupy the top of the results chart for Futuremark 3DMark 11 and for our gaming tests at lower resolutions and detail settings. Pros Strong lenovo thinkstation s30 performance. At least you receive some fairly robust protection with the S But digging down a bit deeper reveals this as a computer more aptly suited to video-oriented tasks than for traditional data-crunching uses, which may or may not be right for you.


Intel processor numbers are not a measurement of higher performance. S30 systems are complaint with the EuP Lot-6 standard for low power consumption.

If not, other, less-expensive systems may better suit your needs. Performance The ThinkStation S30 delivered excellent performance—enough to earn the top score lenovo thinkstation s30 seen in this class 3, in our Futuremark PCMark 7 full-system benchmark. The product packaging material is free from ozone depleting substances as specified in the Montreal Protocol. Kits are available through the special bid process to convert a 5.

The preinstalled operating system is the bit version of Windows 7 Professional, and comes bearing a bit of bloatware: