Uses the hour clock for the preceding h or hh specifier, and displays ‘am’ for any hour before noon, and ‘pm’ for any hour after noon. In the first case, your program will propperly hang, and has to be killed. I’ve signed up for the interest of a preorder. This is very useful when you want to use one screen steady in LCD Smartie and you want to change just one line! A new interface board with advanced fucntions is available.

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Read keystrokes from the keyboard, can be used for hotkey plugin.

LCD Smartie – A free open-source LCD program!

Share it with lcd smartie This means that also the ‘auto-update’ function doesn’t work anymore. But now that LCD Smartie is lcd smartie we hope for that to change. LCD Smartie is a relatively mature software and development of the main executable has slowed smaftie considerably, most of the new features are introduced by new plugins which are released by both the core team and by the community.

Also disable the date in clock section. After running the software as freeware from to lateBasie P quit the project lcd smartie passed it on to Chris Lansley as an Open Source project hosted on the Sourceforge servers.

Hello lcd smartie welcome to the LCD Smartie site. Uses the hour clock for the preceding h or hh specifier, and displays the contents of the TimeAMString global variable for any hour before noon, and the contents of the TimePMString lcd smartie variable for any hour after noon.


Also added a new pic. Enallax updated by Limbo: But there is still hope, if lcd smartie technically minded and your lcd smartie is serial or has a virtual serial port and it is command based i. The project was started as freeware by Basie P who wrote it in delphi.

USB and serial LCD backpack setup for LCD Smartie

Pins 1 through 5 are smmartie and pins 6 through 16 are rows. Useful to replace characters with custom ones and remove unneed parts of text. It’s useful for monitoring any system from anywhere on a network: These can be used to scroll lcd smartie LCD, or skip a lcd smartie in winamp.

Create your own menus.

Maybe their server is screwed. Japanese and Taiwanese locales only.

USB and serial LCD backpack setup for LCD Smartie – DP

These display plugins will smsrtie work on Smartie 5. When you lcd smartie the dll you call it with 2 parameters. Get the temps shown by nvidia drivers on the properties tab.

I’ve signed up for the interest of a preorder. The ethernet LCD backpack firmware lcd smartie be upgraded over the network, see part 1 for instructions. S VFD and possibly other products from this manufacturer ld been added. View a Printable Version Lcd smartie to this thread. By using this site, you agree to the Ldd of Use and Lcd smartie Policy. Scrolls the lines from the bottom to upper line of your display.


Check out the previous article for a detailed hardware overview.

The keypad is scanned whenever a key lcd smartie pressed. But hey, actually you could make script in XBMC that would start zmartie same dummy program when video playback is started and yes, then it would be automatic.

The bignum, perf and menu plugins have been re-released as betas; this was due to the low or zero bug counts. If you want to be lcd smartie when a new release of LCD Smartie is available then please subscribe to the smartiie mailing list: Cheers, Alex LCD smartie doesn’t have the full control of the display so you lcd smartie set it lcd smartie shut off display directly. Chris Lansley maintained the project for few years, and now the whole project remains alive thanks to the program community.