Webinars Upcoming Library Sign Up. Click Next or Yes on the screen until you get to the Interbase component selection screen. Pro Cloud Server Released! Hi Enrico, Your question is perfectly valid, and this is a reasonable place to ask it. As I have to redesign parts of the db I could create the new db and copy and paste from the metadata txt file the tables I’ll keep. When the Query Wizard window appears, you are connected to the Quantum database. It’s at the first table.

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Before you set out on this quest you should set the Notify option on this thread.

Developer Tools

Intersolv odbc refer to the Quantum data dictionary for information regarding the tables and to MS Query documentation for assistance with using Query. Check whether the driver and database versions are compatible intersolv odbc well. As soon as you hit a brick wall send a bug report to Sparx. Since you are using a custom i.

I tried with diffrenet tables one by one and it doesn’t work. Core Modules Optional Modules.

I tried selecting just one table but the result is the same. Enter your user name and password and click OK. The following steps intersolv odbc be performed only on a machine that has ODBC drivers installed intedsolv steps above.


As to the error message it could infersolv from either of your suspected causes. My first guess and it is only a guess would be to see if there intersolv odbc any security parameters. This is usually either c: Did you miss your activation email?

JB3 Documentation addendum : Intersolv ODBC Setup

Now I get another mistake: Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. In the Database Name field, enter the complete path to the Quantum database. Intersolv odbc Inteesolv System Requirements. Click OK to close this window. The table should have only a single field, of a ‘simple’ data type perhaps a bit integer intersolv odbc a small fixed-length string.

Click Next or Yes on the screen until you get intersolv odbc the Interbase component selection screen.

The destination folder should be the Interbase folder you already have set intersolv odbc in Quantum. Thanks for your help Enrico. You can download it from Indeed EA sees the tables and the mistake is after I select al the tables and I run the intersolv odbc.


Component Control Technical Support. Go to intersolv odbc Data drop down menu and select Get External Data.

I followed the instructions on your site and managed to configure the import from odbc setup. The IBPhoenix driver worked intersolv odbc. Here you need to uncheck all options except for intersolv odbc last option: When a message appears saying that the installation was successful, click Finish.

Intersolv ODBC Driver – Informix

See if you can import odbcc schema from this database. When the operation starts I get the following error during the details retriving action: Hi, probably it’s not a EA topic, anyway I’ll give a try here and intersolv odbc if I can intersolv odbc any help. Webinars Upcoming Library Sign Up. This should include server IP address, the path on the server and the file name with extension.