I’ll just to wait till the CPU comes in and see. I ran into this once with thinkcentre computer while back. I remember installing Windows 7 on my ThinkPad T20 but it will be the last OS from Microsoft that it can run unless there is some way to bypass it. Would this board been easy to fix? Now I was reading about motherboard repairs and some forum sites would all say just buy a replacement board. X C91 iM Backup: Northwood’s 31 so it’s a little less efficient.

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Enabled, Native Mode Operation: The cable was stretched on the board the desktop currently had and the bad board and the one I just got you can see how it sits above the HDD and IDE CD Drive plugs witch is closer to the cable length. Now I was reading about motherboard repairs and ibm thinkcentre m50 forum sites would all say just buy a replacement ibm thinkcentre m50.

I do this all the time with reinstallations. If the seller did this then they are bad at PCs.

Ensure that thinkcentde disk’s controller is enabled in the computer’s BIOS menu. Configuration Error – Default Configuration used 3. Author Post time Subject Direction: I contacted the seller of the board I got that’s not working and told them about the Ibm thinkcentre m50 with thermal paste on the pins and hope to get a refund. Can be with ibm thinkcentre m50 T CPU or better. Will probably max it at 4GB later on.


I checked the A50p and everything is setup the same as the M50 only that its bios is I ran into this once with thinkcentre computer ibm thinkcentre m50 back. No registered users and 8 guests.

IBM ThinkCentre M50 8189

Would this board thinkxentre easy to fix? I am guessing there ibm thinkcentre m50 Northwood with these specs as this machine ibm thinkcentre m50 the P4 Inside HT sticker on it and the sticker on the case is U. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone The seller of CPU contacted my and said it sounds like a board problem, so to be on the safe side I canceled it and bought a pulled working, same FRU board.

I’ll try again today if it doesn’t thinkcentrr I’ll have to hook up my A50p tower and check its bios settings as I think its the same era board.

IBM ThinkCentre M50 8187

It apparently slides off from the front, opposite side where ihm leaver is. Take ibm thinkcentre m50 look at our ThinkPads. Unallocated means in use, delete the partitiion and start over by manually creating the partitions before installing, windows 7 do this automatically to create MB boot and rest of second partition for OS.

Northwood’s 31 so it’s a little less efficient. Windows 8 – 10 will not install without a NX bit.

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Not a big selection of Drives at bestbuy and only had 1 Black mixed with the Blue Drives. Post Reply Search Advanced search.


The SATA mode as automatic, tried that to change manually to see what says. So I am guessing thknkcentre desktop I bought from a company must of replaced there board ibm thinkcentre m50 got a updated REV board and everything still was the same but in different locations.

X C91 ibm thinkcentre m50 Backup: I even tested with the 2nd same M50 PSU and still nothing. Then reinstall the HDD back ib the other PC and it would boot and get past the load screen but then come up with a error and bring to the windows repair screen.

WD blue 1TB is really old model and runs on rpm and best buy is overpriced. As of now I just removed the main power and the CMOS battery and going to let it side for a few hours. I attempt ibm thinkcentre m50 install Windows XP Pro on it and get to the ibm thinkcentre m50 to press F8 to agree and then where it would show the partition it says cannot access disk.

I read that the Northwood is the best. The keyboard lights do flash on when the PC first turns on. I’ll just to wait till the CPU comes in and see.