This product series uses our company’s 6th-generation IGBT chip set. EMI consists of conductive noise that leaks to a power source, and radiation noise that is emitted as electromagnetic waves. The first type is implemented between the DC power supply busbars and is called lump snubber. The piece of black sponge is attached for protection. What precautions need to be considered when designing an IGBT drive circuit?

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How can we confirm the dead-time? For this reason multiple modules can be placed on the same heat sink.

For details, refer to Application Manual Chapter 7. The relevant model types can be found on the UL website’s http: Special press and press-in tools are required. I 2 t is a Joule-integral for overcurrent allowed within the range that does not result in element destruction.

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What is the reason for applying reverse-bias voltage – V GE between the gate and emitter? How do I mount a module? We provide a free software to calculate IGBT’s temperature at 2-level inverter, 3-level inverter, and chopper circuits. If the current is cut off the surge voltage and the generated loss may damage the product.


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Fuji Electric is a global manufacturer and supplier of IGBT modules, inverters, and power semiconductor products for a variety of industrial applications. What does it mean? Please ensure the maximum chip temperature stays at or under T j op during conventional continuous operation. There are two types of snubber circuits.

Relevant products are gaet on the market from Tyco Electronics Japan G. Please keep the ignt on the module at the time of storage.

The main factors impacting the IGBT module’s life expectancy are temperature gaps involving the element’s junction temperature T jand increase and decrease of case temperature T c. They are not the same. Avoid storage under load, and secure a location with little temperature fluctuation. It is used in PIM and 6-Pack products. A combined power cycle life expectancy count can be expressed by the formula below.

It is divided into two groups: An insufficient reverse-bias voltage – V GE between the gate and emitter gaet cause the IGBT to mis-fire, leading to a short-circuit current. An optimum outline drawing for each module is also available. How can we reduce radiation noise?

The maximum allowable temperature for a chip during short-term overload or abnormal operation is specified in T j max. One method is to make a groove on a copper base or a heat sink of an IGBT module to embed a thermocouple.


The optimum gate resistance value R G varies depending on lgbt circuit configuration or operating environment used. It may result in package degradation. It will cause a separation of aluminum wire, or a crack in the solder under the chip. The following illustrates an example of how to measure case temperature T c.

An IPM is a module product, based on a 3-phase inverter circuit with a control IC that contains a gate driving circuit and other protection circuits.

IGBT Modules

The word describes the negative effect caused on peripheral equipment by an electronic device, and it is also called emission. What is an IGBT? Please consider that there will be a reduced device withstand voltage and peripheral component capacitor, control circuit characteristics under low temperature before use. How do I read a fuju number?