Raspberry Pi – Was genau ist das? I need to make some sort of shield for it, perhaps from a length of plastic pipe. It has a short list of uses for the RPi and links right back to here when it mentions ditial weather-stations. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Clas Ohlson also sell spares. In this instance over USB.

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Take a look at part 3 here: First we need to install some dependencies: Does the problem happen if you put both close to the sensors? Distutils What can I do to overcome this step? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It creates graphs and tables, such as last 24 hours weatherand posts hourly Twitter messages.

The first two pictures show my first installation of the weather station’s outdoor sensors, mounted on my garden fence with a TV aerial standoff bracket. Compiling Michael’s software for the router gave the same problem.

Weather station

I need easyweathet buy a station who works perfectly with raspberryPI…. I then tried a WLgP V2 and found that it works. A quick search came up with amazon as another source: All is connected with Wifi dongle to my website http: I’ve made the software available as open source via the pywws project. Then when it is working with hid. Next we need to download and compile the latest versions of a few dependencies as the versions in eaysweather repos are not up to date.


Ubs did post a link earlier where with a circuit which does exactly that. As someone mentioned above, i also have one of the Maplin setups, but the TX unit failed. Reblogged this on Gigable — Tech Blog.

There is an incorrect path in the setup. Even after doing this I don’t hold out much hope of truly accurate readings.

Weather Station Software at AmbientWeather.com

Excellent article — managed to install and get working upto the point of data coming into pi with the command testweathersation— Data comes in but when I try to move to data it creates a weather. At the top are the wind speed and direction sensors. Unfortunately this project got pushed forward when, last Thursday morning, the ITX box decided to die on me.

This required fitting a longer cable and I managed to route the cable inside the extension. My best advice is to go to the pywws site for the latest instructions or alternatively ask on the pywws Google group which is linked from there. I have got as far as cython hidapi. Hello Peter and thanks so much for making this tutorial… I am a rookie with raspberry and linux, but following your tutorial I am trying to connect the same weather station mine is named PCE-FWSS20 with the Raspberry PI3… all fine until this point:.


I missed that change where the libusb source is hardcoded to the i architecture when I was copying it from my notes. One thing that sets these apart from other weather stations is that they have a USB socket to connect to a computer. The error implies that Cython. But at least I’ll have measured the wind speed at which it collapses!

Booted the pi up and configured it to use the entire card. How do I change the library path as mentioned by Jordan and Jay R Also how to change the path to libusb. No matter what I do, I get an error when I do the following:.

No matter what I do, I get an error when I do the following: How close is your pi to the receiver? Hello Please can you help.