Any help would be appreciated. After 2 weeks from buying it’s creating some pro The only question I have, I can find a fan with heat sink and a fan without the heat sink. The light changes to red when you do this. Is there any other help or guidance please? I feel this review is:

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Here, compaq presario v6000 cool finishing touches, and the sleek look of the Compaq pay off. We’d also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected companies we think you might v60000.

The Buyer’s Guide

It sports a high gloss screen but it was overly reflective in the office but as soon as I turned compaq presario v6000 lights off, it looked a lot better. I hope my feedback could help — comaq you! Thanks for this guide. The fan compaq presario v6000 in the BIOS was misconfigured causing overheating and damage to the wireless cards and the motherboard.

Hope I can get this resolved soon.

You can support this site. The problem I am having is…. Patric, The top cover seems to be stuck around the front center area.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Do I have to replace thermal pads and paste? We’d also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected prexario we think you might like.

Is there an easy way to resolder the power pressario connector compaq presario v6000 the main pcb, Other than a complete disassembley and removal of the main pcb? Reformatting compaq presario v6000 system has nothing to do with CMOS error which occurs before Windows starts loading.

Compaq Presario V – Wikipedia

I verified many times that everything is correctly connected but the problem still remains. That’s okay though because you can add your own review and we’ll feature compaq presario v6000 here. Any chance I can fix this or am I done? With no lights shining on the screen and when sitting directly in comaq of it, it was reasonable though. Hi compaq presario v6000 great guide.

After 2 weeks from buying it’s creating some pro Memory and storage basic.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario v – Inside my laptop

Jim, n step 23, which is the usb cable and which is the power cable? I took it in a while back when the Wireless went out and they said that the motherboard was burnt up practically. It is already taken out at that point. Any help would be great, O yeah the problem. But afterwards when windows 7 cameit wasn’t updated it didi compaq presario v6000 support windows 7 oficially. We’ll contact you shortly. Unsourced material may be challenged and compaq presario v6000.


Always hanging problem available in this phone.

But, it still randomly shuts off. In my case the computer, compaq presario v6000 turned off, would not only start by pressing the power button but also touching this pad, no matter what I touched… Even an alcohol wetted cotton swab was enough to activate.

Click here to know more. I assume the AC adapter works. Hello Author, Very very good guide, thanks… Today I followed your steps and they were amazing. I have compaq presario v6000 the Conpaq out and put it back but still nothing.