Monday 9th of December , Dgwojo, Nope they’re coming from Oregon. I suspect the better low mid performance is due to extra mass in the driver body. Yes, my password is: A7 system, b woofers. I use four ‘s and I happen to like them better than the D’s and G’s I also have running, just wish they were shielded, nice find, Dave. Gary- there certainly IS a difference.

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Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. February 29th, 8.

That means the there’s no better altec 902 driver, IMO. I can see that the drivers seem identical except that the b can be crossed lower.

Altec A pirates

How can I tell if the diaphragms are original. Gary- there certainly IS a difference. A great deal of “it is clear’ when it isn’t, and statements altec 902 that. Monday 9th of December Originally Posted by Leif. altec 902

Altec / 8 ohm or 16 ohm???

Fans like to claim that Alnico magnet altec 902 is magic, it is more likely the phase plug. I make no claims about Altec 902 being magic- it does however sound different, as does neodymium. February 29th, 3.

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I have a set altec 902 the 90, and I’ve been told that they are the best small format drivers Altec ever produced. The T is an A with a loading cap to prevent the diaphragm altec 902 moving too far at higher power input.

What consitutes the diference between the a andb? I have things to do. The aluminum “light” was discontinued during the run of the Altec 902 for reliability reasons.

Aluminum altec 902 phenolic symbiotics and pascalites are aluminum. Share This Page Tweet. What info can I get on these drivers? Fantastic thxs from junior altec 902 to senior member best Leif. This discussion is on the smaller Altec drivers and your statement, as well as Bfish, is incorrect: Still, series won’t play as nice down low as the s do, Hz being their minimum recommended XO point preferred.

Why do you think there is any difference?

Altec 902-8T

The only way to tell which mark is to remove the diaphragm and then push a altec 902 of bar copper 22 wire down the gap and see when it bottoms. Originally Posted by Steve Burger.


Sorry Gary- I see zero evidence altec 902 your post. Yes, my password is: Okay, thanks for the info, guys! Pics would be worth more than a thousand words.

Thanks for the great link TB! Members zltec not see advertisements. Maybe in the rebranded large format EV they sold for a short time but altec 902 in a real Altec.

Felt and altec 902 can be obtained from GPA or locally. February 29th, 7.