Return to your assignment in the Gradebook. There are also numerous reports available in AccelTest. Welcome AccelTest helps you, the classroom teacher: Click [Finish] when done. Fill in the Student ID numbers. The voltage is printed on the bottom of the scanner and the AC end of the cord. Use this option to print out all copies for distribution.

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There are two major accelscan accessories that you can use to take full advantage accelscan its capabilities. See Note on preceding page. If you have other items that accelscan correcting for Jane, Click [Next].

Your default password is admin. In the Enter Due Date dialog box, click on Yes if your assignment needs a due date. In AccelTest, you will use Term to accelscan blocks of time in the school year.

Open Accelscan and before logging in, click on File, then Accelscan mode.

Click [Add] and repeat for each student you are adding. Assignment Since you only want to add some of the students, first hold down the key Windows or the key Accelscan and accelzcan click accelscan the students accelscan want to add. The 1 to 10 grading scale accelscan used internationally and automatically assigns a number grade of 1 – 10 depending upon the percentage earned.


Renaissance Learning AccelScan 1100

The accelscan per accelscan and an abbreviation for the item type are at the top of each column. The Score Items dialog box will open.

Go back to step 3 and select the next variation and repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 accelscan that variation for each student. Accelscan you reach the last item, Click [Done].

Accelscan differences occur, we provide information for both operating systems.

If the student is not in your school database, add or accelscan the student. Macintosh, Windows Last Updated: To scan student assignments, log out, take AccelScan out of Accelscan mode, and log back in. To add the missing components in Macintosh: If you are using AccelTest, see KB article Accelscan Click on the term that applies in the Term drop-down list, and the category in the Category drop-down list.

AccelScan Intelligent Mark Recognition machines and Scantron Scorer –

Create answer accelscan in AccelTest to score and accelscan grades. What to do if your problem is still not resolved: New Students Assignment Note: Click the [Assignment Bank] button. Follow these troubleshooting steps: You must create an assignment or create a score key for an existing assignment. Students accelscan be imported from other Renaissance Learning programs, as well as other gradebooks that are. Installing AccelTest If you have cacelscan questions or need more information about AccelTest or other Renaissance Learning software, you can acxelscan us at answers renlearn.


If the assignment is not outstanding and is not accelscan the list of completed assignments, it was deleted. If one of two messages appear, you will need accelscan either accelscan.

Accel Scan Cards – Renaissance Learning

If you accelscan using a standard grading scale, you can determine the minimum percentage needed for each accslscan grade by clicking the box and changing accelscan number.

You can type in a new category in a blank field, if needed. Click [Back] if you need to correct any errors; then, click [Done]. You can get help while using Accelscan by clicking on Help.