Select the profile name to remove in the Profiles List. Click Export…, the Export Profile window will then appear. Driver – The driver name and path of the wireless network adapter driver. The equipment was passed. Click Back to return to the previous page, or clickCancel to end the Installation. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. After the files have been successfully copied, the screen in figure will appear.

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Figure Export Profile Dialog3.

Access the tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g from the Diagnostics tab. Click Back to return to theprevious page, or click Cancel to end the Installation. Tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g the Profile Management tab, highlight the profile to export. Select a Program FolderThe Setup Wizard will notify you of how to proceed with tl-wn550g/tl-sn551g installation, shown infigure These limits are designed tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g providereasonable protection against harmful tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g in a residential installation.

It isrecommended that you select Install Client Utilities and Driver. Click Next to continue the Installation. Page tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g The equipment was passed. Click Back to return to the previous page, or clickCancel to end the Installation.


TP-Link TL-WN551G Wireless Drivers Download

tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g On the Profile Management tl-wn550g/tl–wn551g, click Order Profiles…. Select the setup type. Other brands tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g product names aretrademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Card Name – Tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g name of tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g wireless network adapter.

Your manual failed to upload To add a new profile into theAuto Selected Profiles list, please follow these steps.

Tell us what’s missing. Driver – The driver name tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g path of the wireless network adapter driver.

No part of the specifications may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used tomake any derivative such as translation, transformation, or tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g without tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g TP-LINK Technologies Co.

Check with your computer manufacturerfor instructions if needed. Page 5 Package Contents Tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g Name – The name tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g current selected configuration profile.

Manual do usuário Manual TL-WNG, TL-WNG, TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd.

It is recommended that you keep thedefault value. For tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g access point networks, click Tl-wn550gt/l-wn551g APs… to specify up to fouraccess points to tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g client adapter that attempts to be associated to the access points. Configure the wireless mode on theAdvanced tab of Profile Management. Click Yes to continue the Installation, or click No to end theInstallation. Link Status – Shows whether the station is associated to the tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g network.



The Diagnostics tab does not tl-dn550g/tl-wn551g configuration. Tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g test was performed according tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g the following Europeanstandards: Click Cancel to end the Installation.

Wireless Mode – Displays the wireless mode. ClickNext to continue the Installation. Driver Version – The version of the wireless network adapter driver. Tell us about it. The profile should then be exported to the tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g location. Click OK to tl-wn550g/tl-wn551g the system.