It takes an absolutely exceptional night as this was. This is the future of MW DXing. Cushcraft AS 2-meter FM 3-element verical polarization for remote use, “mountain topping”. It will handle well above MHz clock signals, and by connecting this in ‘toggle’ mode, operation will cut the clock signal in half at this point. The trim cap C6 can be made up of any combination of fixed and variable capacitance, as long as you end up with about pF total with the trimmer at mid-range.

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An exceptional night of superb conditions brought in all 5 Japan stations on Khz twice during the night around and again around Click on pic for a larger image. Here is my self-designed QSL card to go with my callsign: I don’t know anything m554826p the DX, but with the R-7, it would help to have more of a description of the dksplay.

A big breakthrough in DGPS reception, it decodes the whole band at once and only Message 6’s and 9’s can be selected for accuracy.

I was on the Manzanita cliffs then so interesting to compare. I’m now chasing 6M WAS.

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The key to its high speed operation is that it never enters into saturation or cutoff in its logic level swings, which didplay approximately mVpp. My first experience with Beverage antennas!


Datasheets for all ICs are readily available on the Internet. All of these counters are based on a marvelous chip developed in the s: The R-7 also had provision for additional tuning bands ranges that are not factory installed.

Keep in mind, listed prices are subject to change. These counter chips require very little support circuitry and make construction so much easier than their predecessors.

Frequency Counters and Retrofitting

THe diplay doesnt change but the fre seemes to. Click any pic to enlarge. Most of these run 1 to 5 watts into a vertical antenna. Adding a few switches enables them to perform practically any displsy you might need from a universal counter.

This rate occurs with a 0. OAY in particular was very robust given the distance. Everything just fell into place with room to spare. At that time, it was no longer in production. The Sony can be modded for “audiophile grade” audio but the guy who was doing the mods sisplay recently ceased doing them.

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I now have a new add-on for Perseus SDR owners: Also used on DXpeditions. The resistor packs contain eight resistors and require a 16 DIP socket.

I would recommend a preamp on the input of maybe 10X gain, and that the entire prescaler be constructed on single-sided copper board due to its higher frequency range. My Amateur Extra class license is the highest of the amateur license m54826; and allows me full priveleges on all bands authorized to the radio amateur.


Most distant received here: Today’s FM M54826 will probably have to settle for the ” CM Stereo probe 9also discontinued but probably obtainable on auction sites as so many were made.

Read about it HERE. Due to the installation of high intensity security lighting in the set up location it was much noisier this time and is no longer a great spot for clean reception.

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While they all make suitable frequency counters, the A and B varieties have options that enable them to make complete universal counters that can measure period, pulse width, frequency ratio, and totalizing. If the clock has sufficient amplitude, block 1 can be clocked directly into disppay 2. Here is the cumulative beacon log started Summer Both big loops typically far exceed the superb Kiwa Loop gain-wise and equal it in nulling performance.