Have you read the part about alsamixer? I’l tell u when it’s up again if it gets up again.. Nonetheless I’d like to extend that. Note that this list is ordered on modules and codec chips. Click the ‘Playback’ tab, mute the ‘Front’ channel. Guys, same card, I solved everything by installing realtek’s audio drivers http:

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The module for the hda snd-hda-intel has an option called model that allows you to specify a model name. Feel free to add comments or questions, I’ll try to answer them as fast and accurately as I can.

So, the first reboot still fails and generates a large number of symbol mismatch errors in kern. I’ve realised that the system 82801u gone ahead and installed Linux 2.

Suprisingly, the LED volume controls also ALL work — there is a “mute” control, a volume down control, a volume up control, and a volume “slider”. You will need to have kernel headers and development packages installed. I just installed linux-backports -modules- 2. The sound quality is good but just not very infel. Could you please add the output requested in the Reporting Sound Bugs section of https: Intel Corporation H ICH8 Family HD Audio Controller rev 02 Works fine in Feisty and previous Gutsy kernels, bar extremly bad distortion without droping the audio volume immensly hence having to crank my amp a lot corooration than it should be.


Sorry, mirror isn’t up to date, for now, i need wait for some others packages, and, after i can update my kernel. I have rev 2 of this card and had the same problem when using i kernel somehow that got installed, when using generic it is just fine. Depending on your laptop brand, start with the most relevant models.

I installed backports modules I was also sure I had it installedthen I discovered the sound was very low. Remote bug watches alsa-mantis [ resolved: Webcam Bus Device This is the recommended configuration, don’t emerge alsa-driver. My laptop does not have an external line-in port though perhaps the chipset supports it?

– No sound with Intel I Audio – Ask Ubuntu

But it seems that something else is also not quite right. That event window was opened by the Win XP soundcard driver when I plugged in the microphone. Braiam I hopefully cleared up lntel doubts of mute issues. I guess the speakers are not powerful enough to handle more than that. If you have edited this file but would like it to be automatically updated again, run the following command: Thanks Roger E Critchlow Jr.! After these steps, I could use arecord -f cd out.


Installing Debian on a Santa Rosa laptop

Identify the Problem Most cards seem to work as of Ubuntu 9. Installed linux will not boot. Dan Kegel dank wrote on Digital sound output not tested. I have tried to follow https: Once you start using the “intel” driver, you can remove the resolution package.

Same problem intfl with a Asus F3SA laptop. Live cd works flawlessly on my machine.

Can’t seem to find a option for this in kmix. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.