GlovePIE is only compatible with Windows operating systems, though there are other programs for utilizing the Wii Remote in other operating systems. I used to be able to use GlovePIE 0. Turn it horizontally and it’s a flight throttle with hat switch. Brought to you by Techwalla. This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Hardware Requirements You don’t need much in the way of hardware to get your toes wet.

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One of the most ingenious traits of the Remote is how its shape allows it to be held any number of different ways. The Widcomm Bluetooth Setup Wizard showing devices in range.

From around the web. In recent years, it has been primarily left to the small developers to deliver the big innovations and take the big risks, and homebrew communities are becoming a breeding ground for bucket-loads of innovative gaming experiences.

List of Working Bluetooth Devices – WiiBrew

To do this, start the Bluetooth program and tell it to search for devices while holding down 1 and 2 on the Wii Remote. Of course, GlovePIE isn’t the only game in town if you’re running Windows, and we will be covering some of the other mods and applications in future installments of B,uetooth.

The first time you connect your Wiimote, it might seem like a long, convoluted process that you won’t want bluehooth go through repeatedly, but it does get easier with experience, and the reward is definitely worth the small bit of hassle.

GlovePIE is a program intended to emulate computer input hardware, such as joysticks and keyboards.

As its name suggests, its original intention was for the use of VR gloves, but some time ago it was updated to include scripting for the Nintendo Wii Remote. It’s designed to be user-friendly, and since it’s rather lenient about syntax, it’s easy for BASIC, Java, or C programmers to make the switch. Again try Smoothboard and see if you can get a connection.


You no longer have to hold down the 1 and 2 bluftooth on the Wii remote. Motion, gestures, and tilt can be used to perform a lot of the tasks usually delegated gloveie analog sticks and buttons, and the pointing feature that the IR sensor provides, allows objects, characters, and the camera to be interacted with and manipulated with a degree of swift and acute precision that isn’t afforded by analog sticks.

Now your ready to play! See my full profile and links on my Google Profile: If any of that helps. Hardware Requirements You don’t need much in the way of hardware to get your toes wet. I’d like to welcome you into that community and give you the tools and resources to start enjoying the fruits of their labors, and even get involved in the creative process.

In this article, I’ll be focusing on getting started with GlovePIE, but there are other programs that use the Wii Remote, or translate its input. Hold it out in front of you with the underside turned toward your abdomen and you can use it to strum a virtual guitar. Be sure not to let go until you finish the process. The potential for novel interfacing with Wii controllers is immeasurable. Turn it horizontally and it’s a flight throttle with hat switch.

I think ive got the exact same problem, i have xp on another comp, and my wiimote works perfectly with govepie, but with vista it connects and has the blinking lights, but i cant get glovepie to control the wiimote.

Help getting GlovePIE + Wiimote to work

For instance, i f you want to have the “Enter” key pressed whenever you shake the Nunchuk, simply shake the Nunchuk while GlovePIE is in detection mode, and then tell it to hit the “Enter” key for that motion. I don’t have a problem connecting my wiimote to my computer via bluetooth, it detects it and lets me connect as desired Should I be using another program? I used to be able to use GlovePIE 0. Your issue is different to BenjaminBustamove so if you can’t get working start a new thread so we can help benpaddlejones See my full profile and links on my Google Profile: July 17, Unlike the Xbox controlleror the Wavebird for Gamecube, the Wii Remote uses Bluetootha non-proprietary wireless interfacing standard, to connect to its mother console.


You can try to figure out how things work by hluetooth apart some of the Wiimote scripts that come bundled with GlovePIE, but if it all reads like Martian to you, don’t worry — you can use the GUI glovpie let GlovePIE bang out some script code for you.

Wii Glovepie Gui « Wonder How To

In the gh3 tab see below you will the code for the script. This file will update your keyboard mappings for the controls of the glovepue. The Wii Remote has a deceptive appearance, in that the sparse distribution of buttons and complete absence of any analog sticks make it look downright archaic in comparison to the standard of modern controllers with dual-analog sticks and an abundance of pressure-sensitive buttons.

Click on “File,” then “Open,” and then go to the Wiimote Scripts folder. The possibilities are as broad as your gloveppie.