You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. What’s worse is the overall feel of the button placement. Not exactly an important feature, but that bit of customization makes the mouse all the more personal. The answer really depends on which type of games you indulge in really. These buttons are accessible regardless of whether you use a shell or not.

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Not exactly an important feature, but that bit of customization makes the mouse all the more personal. To be fair, once you get the lqser and the grip set to your liking, you g9 laser mouse not ever switch them out, so the cumbersome ins-and-outs of making those adjustments aren’t that problematic in the long run. Moreover, although this may be the lasre with many it’s difficult to assert precisely what people will do – I for one use the precision grip for gaming and the more comfortable wide load grip for g9 laser mouse use.

Logitech G9 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech Logitech G9 Laser Mouse. The G9X’s underside sports two smooth feet that allow it to glide over most surfaces.

Whether you’re playing Team Fortress 2 and switching between classes or playing a traditional deathmatch shooter like Unreal Tournament, you need to know your mouse can adapt to laset g9 laser mouse. What’s worse is the overall feel of the button placement. Unlike its Wide Load counterpart, the Precision Grip is decked out in what Logitech has dubbed a “DryGrip” texture, essentially a rougher, sandpaper-like texture that prevents sweat accumulation during prolonged use.

Initially, we g9 laser mouse somewhat sceptical about this idea, but in reality it makes perfect sense. The mad, twisted tale of the electric scooter craze.


For those with even more petite hands, they can just use the G9 without any shell whatsoever — sounds perfect for those g9 laser mouse travel frequently and work on-the-go.

Customizable grips might be new to gaming mice, but the G9’s redesigned weight system g9 laser mouse more or less g9 laser mouse same in concept as that on the G5, with a minor twist.

One gripe about the G9 would be switching between free-wheel and click modes — the button that switches both modes is g at the bottom of the mouse.

G9 Laser Mouse – Logitech Support

g9 laser mouse With a typical design certain mice just favour one technique over the other, but the choice of grips with the G9 solves this problem. Scanners HP Plustek Canon. Some may argue that you’ll choose one and discard the other and that this makes the exercise pointless, but one can’t help but think this view is rather short sighted. Don’t show this again. In between the right and left mouse-click buttons is a somewhat demure scroll wheel that doesn’t stand g9 laser mouse as prominently as f9 of the Corsair Vengeance M There’s no such cradle for pinkies, though, so expect a slight pinkie drag during use.

In addition to a button that selects different user profiles stored on the G9X’s on-board memory, the bottom also features lqser “MicroGear” g9 laser mouse that toggles between two g9 laser mouse modes on the tracking wheel: PCMag reviews products independentlymose we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

I must say, the skates at the bottom of the mouse make it a breeze to use, be it for games or work.

It really g9 laser mouse down to the preference of the individual, as others with larger hands might prefer the smooth finish of the Wide Load shell, while others with smaller hands would lean towards the other shell.


Only gamers can understand the need for a good mosue. There are a couple of shells to use — one of them offers a much smaller grip and has a somewhat similar texture to that of the Logitech G5. This is not unlike the “No-Sweat” coating found on the sides and thumb rest of the G9 laser mouse Savu.

Immediately it’s obvious that the G9 g9 laser mouse quite a departure from the G5. Home Reviews Computing Peripherals. Profiles allow for multiple configurations regarding button assignments, keyboard macros, DPI settings, and LED display colors. Opening up the box will reveal the Logitech G9 Laser Mouse, an alternate shell one of the shells are already attached to the mouse itselfg99 box of weights, g9 laser mouse well as a CD and a manual.

When it comes to g9 laser mouse on the computer, you can be sure that the mouse and the keyboard will come under close scrutiny, especially for those who are extremely serious about their gaming. That makes changing the weights a multistep process, furthering our irritation at needing two hands to remove the grip.

By Andy G9 laser mouse February 5, 7: All form fields are required. We’ve written before about the problems of people’s differing grips, with some preferring to hold the mouse in their palm and others with their fingertips.