A unique multi-level face technology enhances the ML4’s trampoline effect, while increasing the effective hitting area for improved distance and accuracy. Posted 06 April – I even liked the Dual Point. I believe this should eliminate any concerns: The ML4 definitely feels as good as it looks. Golf driver in nordrheinwestfalen ebay kleinanzeigen.

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Dual point ml4 driver from nicklaus premium golf equipment air bear stand bag from golden duual golf widetrack 15pc womens golf set from golden bear golf.

The golden bear shoots a to beat japans isoa aoki by two strokes. Edited by tbomb, 04 April – But as I found out with other brands, the smaller companies usually are on to something good. I never write reviews but I felt I had to this time, at the weekend after my round my playing partners wanted to know why I was playing so well, I let them hit my driver all off them hit their best drives of the day.

2011 Nicklaus Golf Dualpoint ML4 Driver

I thought some of the equipment in the “Advanced Fual was nice. Not mentioned on the site is when constructed at “company standard spec” they have as I re-call a D2 swingweight. Decided to try this driver,found it on ebay. Those drivers had cryogenic treated faces.


Nicklaus golf dual point ml4 driver is golfing magazines product of the week golfing magazine chose the nicklaus golf dual point ml4 driver as its product. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Nicklaus Golf has definitely stepped things up and targeted a new audience with their Advanced line.

I’ll get straight to the point with this one. The dual point ml4 features a plasmawelded cc head that maintains a classic, traditional profile. The sole has an aerodynamic shape that is incorporated into the design so well that everything just flows. This is what traditional is all about. Didn’t change my swing it was all in the club.

Please Bid And Buy Carefully! This also shows that anyone can benefit from the right head shaft combo I believe this should eliminate any concerns: From performance all the way down to feel, this driver is as great as the name behind it. Outros itens do vendedor.

The dual point ml4 features a plasma welded cc head that maintains a classic, traditional profile. The ML4 definitely feels as good as it looks.

New Nicklaus Golf Dual Point ML4 Offset Driver * Regular Flex | #

Ozone est compression moulded graphite regular shaft. I like the fact that this driver is very forgiving. The first ever iron I hit was a Nicklaus Golden Bear 7 iron Their drivers are some of the longest out there.


Funny enough the first time I ever got to a single digit handicap was with a complete set of Golden Bears, returniong to the game after a lengthy hiatus Edited by mozgolf, 05 April – I found it way easier to keep it online also since I was not needing to really torque the club like I do my older drivers and I would recommend this as a GREAT club for the prices you can find them on EBAY I hit this driver more consistent and longer than my previous driver.

I literally had to take a step back to make sure I grabbed the right club from my bag. Adding emails to your safe list is usually quite easy but can vary depending on your email provider.

Posted 06 April – Download a story of boy meets girl mychael danna and rob simonsen. I would love to know how you get in contact with someone like Rick Gomes, as I am an apsiring tour player.