Used only for form , the method attribute of a form is either get or post. Yet there was a timeout with interaction. So to get my above test script to run with HtmlUnit, I found that the best option was to launch a Selenium Standalone server from within my script. Learn how your comment data is processed. Celerity provides a superset of Watir’s API. I have created a dynamic invocation of the page creation, so it will work for all pages specified in the cucumber step itself. Once I had that script running, I made sure I could run the test in other browsers by executing these commands:.

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Based on numerous conversations with Bret about the original ideology behind Watir, Titus updated Watir to become less like an alternative implementation of Selenium, and to more fully leverage the Watir API to remove extra configurations and add default waiting behaviors that better adhered to the original spirit of Watir.

Create a Ruby script that uses watir-webdriver. There’s a wegdriver of open issues. A fantastic gem, but I have an increasing issue with browsers that newer get closed. Results Count not verified.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Like Selenium, WebDriver is cross-browser.


As far as it not working with Safari, part of the problem is that there is not a driver library that I am aware of that runs reliably enough on Safari with WebDriver. RSpec is one of the numerous test frameworks written in Ruby.

You’re getting watlr particular view of myself In order to get started with all of this, you do need Ruby installed as well as some gems. The big backward-incompatible change in the Watir 2. Used to find a text field with a given default valueor a button with a given value. Your email address will not be published.

Automated Testing with Watir and RSpec, Part 1

You might want to investigate headless solutions, such as the headless gem or Celerity. Sometimes it waatir be hard to get started with open source automated testing. Thanks for this awesome tutorial. Simple page objects for Capybara.

ruby – Watir-webdriver – force firefox to close – Stack Overflow

However, Selenium took a very different approach from Watir. Make sure the script can run on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Email Required, but never shown. It aims to mimic the behaviour of a real user, and as such interacts with the HTML of the application.

Show me the code! I would like to point out that in the hours passed since my post and upon further google-searching, i managed to find a workaround.


Yeah, I’ve not had much luck with browser drivers on servers. With his work on watir-webdriver, he decided to take the Celerity specs and make them watid for both projects.

celreity Finds the item using XPath query. Once I had that script running, I made sure I could run the test in other browsers by executing these commands:. Celerity itself was eventually wrapped by the similar sounding Culerity.

No release in over 3 years.

If not, you might want to check out those. Title was reflective of content. And yet here I am apparently offering yet another blog post covering the stuff.

All of this explains how we ultimately got Watir-WebDriver.

By using watir can we run the standlone application which are like notepad etc. As it matured, the development of Watir branched into a group of related tools for different webbdriver.