From your description it is just a hot running laptop. ZaZ Apr 24, Please help me to fix my aspire First try re-seating the ram. The only 3 problems I have are. I replaced the device with 2 used but functionning ones.

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Acer aspire 5520g black screen

Tried several discs, from cd-roms, dvds and audio cds. There are no longer intermittent freezes but it consistently reaches 89C Acer 5520g and 90C GPU at which point the laptop fan kicks in and cools it back down to 78ish then acer 5520g fan slows down and the temp goes back acer 5520g etc etc etc. I have an Acer Aspire g that refuses to let me use all his USB ports what i mean is that i can only sucesfully use 1 of the 3 USB ports the other one wont work i.

It sounds like the key is stuck. Could you please advise how easy replacing the DC jackn would be in this series of laptop. Danishblunt May 13, Also replaced the chipset, graphics and sound drivers. I wound on internet that this is common problem with acer laptop and it has something with overheating and connections on GPU and other chipsets on MBO.

Trying to source some pads at a reasonable price is a better idea unless you are doing something acer 5520g pps If the battery is generating any significant heat in use then acer 5520g very afraid.


Acer Aspire in. Notebook/Laptop – Customized | eBay

Acer 5520g you could help with this situation, it would be appreciated. Maybe connection between the DVD drive and motherboard is bad. It could be many acer 5520g causing it. Your name or email address: Put the battery and power cord back it, try to boot. Be careful with this as to allow a bit of flex between the bendy MB and rigid cooler assemblies foam pads are often used.

BruBooMay 18, The only 3 problems I have are. acer 5520g

Acer Aspire 5520g Heat Problems

Are you asking about the screen latch? Acer 5520g is true is that hot laptops heat the battery up too.

I am using cooling pad to 550g must log in acer 5520g sign up to reply here. After that you can search for a replacement by the model number.

I hope those informations help find a solution. If one of the USB ports still works but 2 other ports do not work, probably this is hard ware related issue. From your description it is just a hot running laptop. Acer 5520g Notebook Should I Buy? Alex… It acer 5520g restarts to show the boot menu.


Hello acer and the hard drve went bad i picked up a new one acer 5520g it wont mount and cant run a cd or usb to acer 5520g an operation program. I have acer and my problem is the letter z continously typing and when I started the laptop there was a continous beeping sound.

There is often a large gap between the GPU top and the acer 5520g and thermal grease alone is not good in big gaps. Very often laptop manufacturers use different hard drive brands.

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Clify May 30, at acer 5520g You can hear it doing something and there is a light but it just keeps flashing and nothing else happens. Any advice is much appreciated. For edd and acer 5520g the others with the same problem.

I will try again though to locate the CMOS battery. When i try to acer 5520g into bios it asks for the password.